IDS claims fiddles rule. Has the state gone mad?

8 Dec


I was surprised to read in this Evening Standard story on Ian Duncan Smith that the majority of people who claim invalidity benefit have just filled in the forms.

“Wagner ‘could face benefits probe'”

They have not been seen by anyone and were not sent by a doctor. Thousands could be using it as a second income that they set up themselves. The state has gone mad.

X Factor reject Wagner could face an investigation over claims he falsely claimed incapacity benefit, the Work and Pensions Secretary said.

Iain Duncan Smith said the Brazilian, famed for his extrovert performances on the talent show, will be “asked to come in and explain himself” to benefits officials after reportedly claiming he was unable to work because of a frozen shoulder.

The wildcard entry, voted off last week, told producers of the ITV programme before he signed up that he was receiving payments.



One Response to “IDS claims fiddles rule. Has the state gone mad?”

  1. Alfie December 8, 2010 at 1:16 pm #

    “Wagner could face Benefits probe”

    ….and may I volunteer to administer said “probe”! Especially if it’s red hot and vaguely poker-shaped!


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