WikiLeaks -how media do no harm, only good.

8 Dec

Few stories could be more Space Age than the WikiLeaks upset. Associated Press in Paris says:

The diplomatic records exposed on the WikiLeaks website this week reveal not only secret government communications, but also an extraordinary collaboration between some of the world’s most respected media outlets and the WikiLeaks organization.

Unlike earlier disclosures by WikiLeaks of tens of thousands of secret government military records, the group is releasing only a trickle of documents at a time from a trove of a quarter-million, and only after considering advice from five news organizations with which it chose to share all of the material…

…WikiLeaks turned over all of the classified U.S. State Department cables it obtained to Le Monde, El Pais in Spain, The Guardian in Britain and Der Spiegel in Germany. The Guardian shared the material with The New York Times, and the five news organizations have been working together to plan the timing of their reports…

…They also have been advising WikiLeaks on which documents to release publicly and what redactions to make to those documents, Kauffmann and others involved in the arrangement said…

…The close arrangement is unusual because it ties the media outlets more closely to WikiLeaks, and reveals an unusual collaboration with a group facing a U.S. criminal investigation…

Obviously, like many other people, I am torn between two thoughts:

Gladness at the enforcement of the open government principle observed, the common perception might say,  more in the rejection than in the observance, and

Horror lest any modern-minded people living in fear of religious persecution are outed.

I am impressed, in any case, by the apparent responsibility of the quality journals of the West in moderating the WikiLeaks people so that every effort is made to see that any further harm is eliminated to the maximum degree possible, whilst pushing on with proper investigative journalism.


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