Alfie – following up on Broadband speeds in a slightly warped way!

9 Dec

A few posts ago (only yesterday, 8th December, but already SO far down the page it’s getting hard to find) it was mentioned that the UK Government has earmarked £830 million to give us the best broadband in Europe.

I think I can improve on that!

For some years now I’ve been paying £15.00 per month for an increasingly meager  1Mb broadband connection from Virgin Media who supply my telephone and cable TV down the same bit of fibreoptic stuff.

On realising finally that Mr Branson had no intention of voluntarily increasing this to something  resembling what his competitors were offering for the same money without being asked, I decided last week to call him up and threaten him!

I didn’t get him but I did get a nice Indian chap (whose name probably wasn’t REALLY “Max”) and explained what I wanted him to do to stop me from “walking”.

With no argument whatsoever he not only increased my Broadband speed to 10Mb at no extra cost but also changed my phone tariff, thereby saving me about £500 per annum!

So I’m rather confused as why the Government thinks it has to SPEND money. According to my twisted little mind it just has to call the Broadband Providers on behalf of the other 50 million users in the UK and achieve the same result I did.

By my calculations it would then SAVE  about £25 BILLION and I’m wondering just WHO is trousering the £830 million!

I KNOW there are flaws in this reasoning but I don’t want them pointing out if you don’t mind! Just leave me my little illusions as to how the world OUGHT to work please!



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