Glen Beck has HIS reasons to slag off Wiki Leaks…

9 Dec

“Opinions are like arseholes – everybody’s got one” – and for what it’s worth (not much) here’s mine…

The Glenbecks of this World will condemn the leaks, ’cause they screw up the system – without which we would have anarchy.

While the Looney-Lefties will claim it’ll screw up politicians – and the World is better off without them.

Of course, the truth is neither of these things.

Total anarchy is something only someone who’s never experienced it could ever want.

And whilst politicians are often scum – someone has to run things.

Personally I welcome the leaks. Yes – we need these idiots to run the World – but you have to keep them on their toes or the smugbastards will just take the PISS.

And Wikileaks will make ALL of them re-examine what the hell they’re doing – which can only be a good thing.

Plus, it’s been a hell of a laff, so far.

I do hope they get to those documents concerning Area 51, etc. Now they might be VERY interesting – but then again, I suspect not.



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