Introducing……….. Alfie!

9 Dec

Good afternoon viewers.

It is a great honour to be taken on here as one of Cy’s stable of promising young writers. Those who know me please stop laughing – you’ll hurt yourselves!

I seem to have got this job (which is as full or part-time as I want to make it) because some of my comments to postings here have been seen as good enough – or possibly merely long enough – to become “articles” in their own right. This appointment with “Author” rights on this site formalises that situation and saves Cy having to think of new headlines!

The pay is rubbish though!

Anyway, I look forward to contributing some rants, bile, venom and hopefully some humour as well.

Please comment  – it’s good to know exactly how bad others think you are, even if they are obviously wrong!



One Response to “Introducing……….. Alfie!”

  1. Alfie December 10, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    “Rubbish!” “Boooo!”

    Not what I expected from a fellow Old Coplestonian and a fellow member of Wolsey house at that!


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