Red or Blue? Yes it DOES matter. To ME.

11 Dec

Here (modified slioghtly) is what I said on

You say “solid red” and I learn, from usage on FNC and CNN, that this means Republican/conservative. How did this reversal of colour association begin?

We used to speak of red China, reds under the bed, the Little Red Schoolbook, and keeping the red flag flying.

Red is Left and socialist to me, and to about 100% of other Brits and Europeans generally. Blue is Right and conservative.

It does bug me the way ALL Yank TV news folk stick to the reversed colour code. Is it part of a loony-Left “extreme liberal” conspiracy to confuse the electorate?

As a generally moderate-Left person, I am happy to stay consistent with the past. I do wish you Yanks (whom I thank for so much, and dearly love) would catch up.


One Response to “Red or Blue? Yes it DOES matter. To ME.”

  1. Vincent December 12, 2010 at 6:33 am #

    I can ANSWER this one. For once, it is NOT America’s obsession with being DIFFERENT from everyone else (60 Hz, Month-Date, etc.)

    It was TELEVISION. When American TV first went universally colour (sorry – COLOR) – on the next Election Night, they decided to choose two colors for the parties.

    And having done NO research, they decided, ARBITRARILY, to go with red for the Republicans – and blue for the Democrats. Thus ACCIDENTALLY carrying on their tradition of being different with EVERYTHING!

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