Alfie – another bright idea?

12 Dec

At least I think it ‘s a bright idea anyway!

It follows on from my comments on University fees recently and the injustice of those who arbitrarily imposed them having received THEIR university educations for free (actually at the taxpayer’s – i.e. MY – expense).

And it occurred to me while peeling the spuds today (I know how to have a good time!) that if University fees were such a damn good idea that politicians thought it was OK that I should pay for theirs out of my taxes and my own children’s out of my own pocket then it would surely be similarly fair to:


As with my theoretical legal system based on Duties and Rights that I put forward here at the end of last month a lot of work still needs to be done on the details but if everyone who went to University from (say) 1970 until “New Labour” brought in the fees was to get a bill and have it deducted from their salary each month the present proposed increase might not need to happen.

Imagine the whining and grizzling from Politicians, Business Leaders et al!

I bet Lord Alan Sugar would support me – because he, like me, never went to University!

Job done! Next problem please.



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