Dolly Parton. Leak & Thorpe's. Making your own.

12 Dec

Bio channel (short for Biography) ran Dolly Parton again, last evening. I love to watch that one again. It is so amusing and equally heart-breaking too in regard to the vile kids mocking the coat of many colours.

It was taken for granted by me that my mother (1908-1974) made coats, dresses, and skirts for herself and my sisters, who each learned to do the same. She made a coat for me when I was about six.

Everybody thought Home Dressmaking skills were a normal thing for the lower-middle-class and upper-working-class to learn. There were magazines for ladies which supported the craft.

Leak and Thorpe’s store down-town in Coney Street (the town of which I talk is York) had a large department selling all the accoutrements of clothes-making, fabric, both light-weight and heavy-duty, Silko thread, thin-paper-patterns, buttons, zips, and whatever else.

Obviously, you had to have a sewing machine. Then the whole cutting and sewing procedure was easy, provided you were clever. Buttonholes are the things that make me think.

In the tropics, so beloved of my friend Jay, so much other hard work is saved. Two squares of light fabric, and your lady is dressed. As for boys and men, why not? Bugs are a menace though, huh?

It was in Leak and Thorpe’s that I first got lost. One felt so ashamed (as well as alarmed) that one could be so stupid as to fail to maintain an awareness of precisely where one’s mother was.

Dolly Parton’s famous sad song including the line “my Coat Of Many Colours that Mother made for me” (the tears start at the mention of the title) was, of course, a true story from her love-filled cash-empty childhood.

I love to hear the, clearly, 100% true, and sincere, words from colleagues in praise of the featured star of the given show. Bless them all! Keep on making your magic, guys and gals! Thanks.


One Response to “Dolly Parton. Leak & Thorpe's. Making your own.”

  1. Sharon Wray March 3, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

    I am presently working in Browns of York and lost my mum when I was only 17 so would love to see pictures of this gorgeous department store as I remember my mum loving it so so much!!

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