In Response to Rhiannon Post.

12 Dec

From Vincent…

VERY early one morning, I was driving The Batmobile (my Ford Executive) down Regent Street. The roads were virtually deserted at that hour – which proved to be just as well.

For a couple of hundred yards ahead of me, I saw a cyclist give a slight WOBBLE. Now in those days, Regent Street was FOUR LANE – two each way – and since the outer lane was unoccupied, instead of giving the cyclist the customary couple of feet berth – I pulled RIGHT OUT into the outer lane.

And just when I was THREE FEET behind him – his front wheel came OFF and he was catapaulted (AGAINST the laws of physics) SIDEWAYS – with his HEAD exactly where my front near-side wheel would have been, had I not moved right out to pass him.

I’ve often wondered if he REALISED how close to DEATH he came, that morning…


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