Ken Clarke exit? West last days? Repeal soon?

13 Dec

Jay alerts us to a story on:

Too soft over crime, Kenneth Clarke set to lose job in reshuffle

KENNETH Clarke is being lined up for a “graceful exit” from the Ministry of Justice following outrage at his soft-touch approach to jail sentences, Whitehall sources indicated yesterday.

Prime Minister David Cameron is believed to be frustrated at the Justice Secretary’s maverick approach to law and order and his determination to lock up fewer offenders.

His plans included wider use of non-custodial “community payback” sentences for all but the most serious offenders.

Asked in an interview about the risks posed by releasing mentally unstable offenders from prison, he said: “You have to explain to the sensible public you can’t give an absolute guarantee.” He added that it was “loopy” to suggest crime could be solved by “locking everyone up”.

The point is that facts are ignored by the influential forces in the land. Great influence is brought to bear by such landmark books as Is Chastity Outmoded by Eustace Chesser, and campaigns such as that of Lord Longford. Then we are stuck with it.

The general public, working their butts off, can do nothing about the rampaging violence on our housing estates 24/7, and our down-town streets in the dark-time hours.

The REPEAL OF PROHIBITION is the essential first step. Prohibition did not work with alcohol, in USA 1922-1936. Prohibition is not working with the other mind-altering substances around Earth now.

The re-imposition of censorship on movies, TV, DVDs, video, and computer Games, is the second step. But, you say, that is Prohibition. No, it is not. Evil moving-images would still be sold on the black market to vile sadism addicts but most of our young would be spared.

I have no hope of becoming dictator, and having violent offenders shot on the spot, video of offence and consequence on the TV news, job done. But, UNTIL the West goes down in its own dung, and China is the only ordered entity on Earth, we can speak out.


One Response to “Ken Clarke exit? West last days? Repeal soon?”

  1. Alfie December 13, 2010 at 11:02 am #

    I’ve never noticed it before BUT isn’t Ken Clarke’s name distressingly similar to Clark Kent.

    Regrettably that’s where the similarities end!


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