Wesley Snipes jailed. Wall Street thieves free.

14 Dec

…thousands of other unrecognised and/or indulged thieves, in posh business suits, should join him.


First let’s look at poor ol Wesley Snipes. The Feds sent him off to jail for three years because he owes the IRS a gazillion million trillion dollars in unpaid taxes.

But wait!!! What about all those lyin’ cheatin’ MF’s that screwed us out of money, and BP and despicable Congressmen who do that sort of stuff. Didn’t Senator Charles Rangel (D) N.Y. just get nailed?

Um….yeah but all he got was a slap on the wrist.

Soooooo let me see if I understand this. Wesley goes to jail for three years at a Federal penitentiary and that solves what? Guess what boys and girls. He still owes the money but will be in jail, so how does he pay back that money if he’s in jail and can only make pennies a day? On top of all that, just how much in FEDERAL money is it going to cost in the long run to feed, clothe and provide for Wesley while he’s in jail? Maybe a gazillion million trillion dollars in taxpayer money.

Did I miss the math and the logic here folks?

Mister Misfit 120 is a humorist but the above is not funny.

Matt Thaibbi has written many articles in Rolling Stone magazine, which expose the simple truth that people, whom society assumes are legitimate business-people, are actually deliberately, routinely, sophisticatedly criminal in their intentions and procedures, and are allowed by the uncaring establishment to get away with gigantic thieving.

I assume it has always been like this, and that commie conspirators have always had a big part of the truth after all. But the recognition that nothing is new here is no excuse for turning the page and checking out the funnies.

Let the incarceration of Bernie-vile-deceitful-mega-thief-Madov be just the first episode in a holocaustic Just War against the slimy social cankers who make capitalism into a criminal industry every bit as bad as the Party fat-cats of the Soviet union who turned the Kremlin in to a club for crooks.

Are there ANY good guys in authority, for goodness sake!


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