Alfie – farewell Hawker P1127!

15 Dec

Where I live is not far from RAF Wittering – until today one of the final homes of the Harrier “Jump jet” and I shall miss seeing them sitting impossibly over the airfield when I drive to Stamford for any reason.

The Harrier (P1127 was its original name and the one that appeared on the box of the Airfix kit I had in the 1960s) had it’s finest hours in (a) the Falklands War (b) the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger in “True Lies” and (c) the end of the Blackcurrant Tango ad that you can see here

It WILL be missed if only because we don’t now have a fighter that we can hide under motorway bridges in the event of an enemy missileing out our airfields but I suppose our current enemies don’t fight that way!



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