Alfie – STILL knowing how to have a good time!

16 Dec

Apart from the little piece about the demise of the versatile Harrier jump jet yesterday I had very little time to contribute anything else for the simple reason that I wasn’t at work!

In case anyone from my office should have found this site (unlikely – they’re still trying to grasp subtle concepts such as “upstairs printer” and “downstairs printer”) that isn’t as bad as it sounds – an expret typits like msyelf can knock out a lot of original accurate copy in his lunch hour!

Did you see what I did there? Don’t correct it Cy, those typos were there for humorous purposes!

Anyway, Mrs Alfie and I went to visit my old Mum in Ipswich – we were supposed to be going Saturday but apparently it’s gonna snow again and we didn’t want her to miss out on her Christmas prezzies!

We fetched up for lunch at a pub, now part of a national restaurant chain, on the edge of town about half a mile from the little terraced house I spent the first 10 years of my life in. The pub is on the edge of the River Orwell estuary and when I was a kid it was called “The Ostrich” with the nearby flood plain known as “the Ostrich Meadows” – but not any more!

Someone with far too much time on their hands (and an urge to interfere) has discovered that “Ostrich” is an old Suffolk corruption of “Oyster Reach” and as there were no corrupt old Suffolks left to oppose him (I moved out years ago!) “The Oyster Reach” it is now called.

Being an awkward sod, however, I annoyed the waitering staff at every opportunity by calling it by its old name!

Our particular waitress got her own back, however, in that wonderful way that waiters and waitresses are trained to do: no sooner did we ALL have our mouths full than she was there asking us if everything was OK with our meals. There HAS to be a course they go on for that  – you can’t do timing like that naturally!

And after a hundred mile drive home through darkness, other motorist’s maladjusted headlights and continuous heavy drizzle I wasn’t inclined to do much more than the short piece for Cy and to make a start on a long-overdue piece for my own personal Blog (which if you’re not familiar with it can be found at Go look and enjoy! 

And on that shameless plug I’ll leave it there for today!



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