MPs still rolling in unearned crooked cash.

16 Dec

Jay sent this Evening Standard story:

“MPs claimed expenses without proof”

MPs were allowed to claim millions of pounds in expenses last year without providing proof of entitlement…

…the Auditor General refused to sign off its accounts in full because of concerns about the “regularity” of payments to MPs…

…The cash was claimed for and paid out mainly in the period between the eruption of the expenses scandal in May 2009 and this year’s general election…

What do we do? We all know the down side of violent revolution.

Would it help the cause of getting the dishonest, scheming scum to pay it all back, if we were to do the Knees Up Mother Brown up and down Whitehall?

Would it make any difference if we were to take our black bags of household waste and drop them off  in Parliament Square?

The truth is NOTHING we can do will change a thing. We might as well stop watching the news and get drunk every evening.

I notice some people (thought to be of low intellect) actually already do that.

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