Kenneth Clarke: "Challenge daft insurance claims."

16 Dec

From Jay we get this Evening Standard clarion call:

“‘Ridiculous’ claims over human rights should be challenged, says Ken Clarke”

Kenneth Clarke… …the Justice Secretary said officials, consultants and insurers who make the “daftest possible claims” should be challenged…

“It’s true we’re in an era of human rights and … health and safety where both arouse a great deal of scepticism amongst the public because they get cited in such ridiculous situations. It’s not courts, it tends to be officialdom and circulars and advice and consultants and insurers…

“So we do have to address these cases and make sure that we do stick to our human rights obligations, but that the words aren’t debased by being applied to ridiculous claims by ridiculous people who get themselves publicity.”

The story went on to cite a revolting murderer who successfully complained to the Prisons Ombudsman about staff. Now they have to call him Mister [whatever].

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