Alfie – Burning question of the day #2

20 Dec

Today it was -7 Deg C when I set out for work on my 25 mile morning trip from Peterborough to St. Ives. It was also foggy.

What I want to know is this:

Where is the bastard with the maladjusted windscreen washer (who normally drives in front of me washing MY screen when I don’t want him to) when you really NEED him?

My washers are frozen solid and I couldn’t see a bloody thing for most of the way!

I expect he’s one of those smug gits who won’t risk the 4×4 in bad weather in case it gets dirty!

Tip for kids on school holidays, or destitute pensioners, wanting to pick up some cash – stand at traffic lights with a washing-up liquid bottle of warm (but not HOT- you don’t want to crack the glass!) screenwash. During weather like this you WILL be welcome!



One Response to “Alfie – Burning question of the day #2”

  1. Alfie December 20, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    Not kidding at all!

    Most people living in towns who have a 4×4 have it for prestige and/or additional safety for the kids on the 100-yards-down-the-road school run! And it doesn’t look good standing in the drive if it has MUD on it!

    Believe me – there are a lot like that where I live!

    A few years back I worked in Corby – which, as well as being the largest Scottish enclave in England, is a total DUMP! The two things may or may not be connected!

    One day, on my way to work, I was diverted through an incredibly shabby council estate past a scruffy,1960s built grey concrete box of a junior school – and even THERE I had to fight my way past badly parked (but clean) Range Rovers!

    I don’t know how they afforded them – but if it had been Liverpool I’d have had a theory!


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