Alfie – Oh gawd – it's the Fuzz!

21 Dec

Still -7 Deg C today (although the forecast says it may warm up to zero by Christmas Day!) and the contents of my screen wash bottle are STILL frozen solid – don’t think there’s been liquid in there since I filled it up on Saturday!

As I don’t really like moving along at high speed with the same sort of visibility you’d get inside a table tennis ball I took some preventative steps this morning.  I cleaned the screen before I set out and resolved to touch the wipers as little as possible.

And all went fine until I went past a lorry on the A1 and his offside wheels sprayed me with a wet salt mix which my wiper blades wouldn’t remove but would only smear around a bit! Visibility nearly NIL again!

I managed to find my turning off the A1 and pulled into a layby  on the minor road to Abbots Ripton where I executed plan B.

This involved turning on my windscreen wipers, then getting out and spraying the glass with a washing  up liquid bottle of screenwash mixture that I had kept in the house last night. Hardly another car to be seen  – EXCEPT a large hi-viz Police Volvo Estate which pulled up behind me while I was in mid-clean!

Now having non-functioning screen washers for any reason at all is, technically, an offence in the UK so I resigned myself to some officious Jobsworth-style “letter of the law” stuff.

I was pleasantly surprised!

“Well done for being prepared Sir – I wish more people would think to do that!”

Somewhat stunned I blurted out something about the washers having been working when I set out but freezing up on the way!

“Oh we don’t expect ANY water based car systems to be anything but frozen in this weather – there’s nothing you can do about it, except what you’ve done. Have a good day.”

Then they drove off , presumably to find some less well prepared motorist to tick off. 

And THIS driver went on his merry way with a clear front window and a good feeling that very occasionally common sense DOES prevail in this country!

Well done Cambridgeshire Constabulary (or one small bit of it anyway).



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