Alfie – I bring you tidings of great joy!

22 Dec

My windscreen washer bottle has FINALLY thawed out!

Mind you, it was actually snowing on the way to work today – which means my windscreen was WET – which means I didn’t actually need to use it!

You can’t have everything – as someone once said, “Where would you put it?”  (That line appeared on one of Vincent’s lists of witty quotes – before he reminds me of the fact!)

When I arrived at the office today my boss was “in conference” with our Phone supplier and it was obviously a highly technical conversation because as soon as it was over he came out and told me to look up “My Blackberry isn’t working” on YouTube.

It may be something that only I.T. geeks find amusing but I think you’ll like it too.

To save you the trouble of searching – try here:



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