Alfie – The wrong story – or am I the only one in step?

23 Dec

There being no weather issues (aside from occasional black ice patches on the road – wheeeeee!) on the way to work today I listened to the news on BBC Radio.

Shock! Horror! Apparently two MORE Lib Dem cabinet members have “been caught” revealing that they don’t always get on with their Conservative coalition partners!

Including one who said that the Chancellor of the Exchequer “got right up his nose”! Learn something from that Elected Representatives everywhere – that’s how most of US feel about ALL of you ALL of the time!

Listening to it all I was surprised to hear that they had been “required to apologise for their remarks”. Why?

I for one am immensely gratified to learn that, behind the scenes, all is not sweetness and light and that, whatever they may be being forced to say and do publicly, some Lib Dems are trying to hold onto their principles!

Too many commas in that last sentence but I think it makes sense.

What does disgust me in all these revelations is that a good thing is being reported as a bad thing while the bad thing is being ignored completely!

And the bad thing is the way this “story” and others like it have been obtained – so called “undercover journalism” where reporters pose as members of the public at Constituency surgeries in order to “trick” MPs into saying what they think.

Now it seems to me that if these guys are prepared to make unguarded comments to complete strangers about the workings of the government partnership then that information and the truth of their feelings cannot be a secret at all – i.e. NO STORY!

But having gone to the trouble of obtaining these “controversial” opinions the newspapers have no choice but to do something with them  – and THAT means blowing them up out of all proportion.

I think it’s the Press that is the villain here but they’re hardly going to shoot themselves in the foot by running THAT as a story are they?

And when the radio news moved on to less interesting Premiership Football matters I boiled my thoughts down to two questions:

1. Do we want a society where our elected representatives can feel free and confident enough to speak their minds truthfully and without regard to Party Lines?  YES. I think that, on balance, we do.

2. Do we want a society where the running of the country can be wrongly and disproportionately disrupted by sneaky, underhand reporters using their dirty tricks of entrapment, quoting out of context and even lying to get such stories, probably on orders from the vested interests that own them (Yes, I mean YOU Digger)?  NO. I don’t believe we do.

Let the papers report what happens objectively and without active interference rather than MAKING the stories just to sell more copies.

Or am I just being unrealistic and over-principled again?



One Response to “Alfie – The wrong story – or am I the only one in step?”

  1. Vincent December 23, 2010 at 11:29 pm #

    With any luck – this may yet come to be known as The Assange Era! Spin-doctors BEGONE! Let REAL thoughts be unleashed! (I’m just waiting for the papers he promised on Area 51, etc., to be released – THAT’LL set some people back on their heels!)

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