Alfie – Happy Birthday…………….Mithras?

24 Dec

(The words on the above picture  – which didn’t come out as clear as I hoped – are:

“You still don’t believe me do you?”


Someone – it may have been the redoubtable Mr Fry on one of the numerous available reruns of “QI” – put information into my head recently that I felt obliged, given the season, to check out.

And sure enough it transpires that before yer Dark Age peasants were told with absolute “God-given” certainty by their priests that Jesus was born (in rather unusual biological circumstances) on 25th December, that date was celebrated as the birthday of the Eastern sun-god, Mithras.

So I looked up Mithras and found a learned historical page that advised me of the following concerning this person and the legends surrounding him:

1. He was born (on December 25th) in a cave, to a VIRGIN.

2. Worshippers of Mithras were promised salvation in return for their belief that Mithras was born to save humanity from evil.

3. Mithras died and was resurrected to wield the sun-chariot as a messenger between men and the god of light and to lead the forces of righteousness against those of the god of evil.

4. Oh, and he was worshipped (appropriately for a sun god) on a Sunday.

Now you will stop me if ANY of this is starting to sound familiar, won’t you?

So, it seems to me that Christians cannot claim a single part of their own mythologoly as original  – the Shamens who  decided that a new way was needed to keep the ignorant in order didn’t have to think of a single new thing! They just nicked the lot and then persecuted the originators out of existence as “ungodly”!

Have a nice secular  weekend everyone!


(advanced thanks to for not prosecuting me for stealing the picture at the top of this piece)

2 Responses to “Alfie – Happy Birthday…………….Mithras?”

  1. Alfie December 24, 2010 at 11:31 pm #

    I forgot to add the old favourite:

    Stephen Fry: “And why was there no room at the Inn?”

    Alan Davis: “Because it was CHRISTMAS!”


  2. Vincent December 25, 2010 at 3:25 pm #

    Happy Solstice!

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