Alfie – no-one bad ever dies!

29 Dec

Have you ever noticed that?

Anyone, be they the biggest, nastiest, dyed in the wool bastard ever spawned becomes, by the mere act of snuffing it, the bestest ickle angel ever!

“Don’t speak ill of the dead” my old Granny would have said, presumably thinking that their spirits would return to haunt her if she did!

This, incidentally, is the same person who was so in touch with reality that when my mum (her daughter) was indulging a craving for licquorice while expecting me she told mum in all seriousness to stop eating it in case she had a black baby!

But I digress….

Over the last few days the story has been reported of a man in Huddersfield who, over an eight hour “siege” took potshots at the police negotiators trying to sort out whatever the problem was peaceably and managed to wound one of them.

He was eventually “taken out” by Police marksmen and I was somewhat annoyed to learn that the Police Complaints Commission was investigating  – and NOT on behalf of the wounded officer !

What’s to investigate?

Here we have a man in possession of a firearm which,  even if he was entitled to OWN it (which hasn’t been made clear yet but I have my doubts), should never have used it in a public place let alone fired it at human beings!

He was told to put it down and “come quietly” for EIGHT HOURS (which presumably disposes of any claims concerning his usage of drink or drugs) and then on opening up again was shot and killed.

And since no-one else has been recorded as saying it “Thank you Police Marksmen on behalf of all the innocent potential victims in the neighbourhood”.

And how did the local television news cover this?

They interviewed a man who looked like he habitually bites the heads off Pitbull terriers, was covered in Satanic-looking tattoos and who reported that the gunman was “a really nice bloke who I used to have a drink with now and then”!

Then they showed a shot of a wreath laid at the scene with the clearly visible words “LOVEABLE ROGUE, SADLY MISSED”!

Whether the last two words are a criticism of his marksmanship or an expression of affection can never be known but I would like to redress the balance here by ordering another wreath with the words “MURDEROUS PSYCHO, NO LOSS TO THE WORLD”!

Still, he won’t do it again will he?

And just to show that I’m not devoid of human sympathy, can I just say that (on the basis of the TV scenes shown) I’m really, REALLY sorry for anyone who has to live in Huddersfield!



2 Responses to “Alfie – no-one bad ever dies!”

  1. Alfie December 30, 2010 at 8:48 am #

    I often wonder whether people who believe themselves to hold extreme left-wing and anti police views have looked at the actual behaviour of police forces in the extreme left regimes that this world has thrown up in the last two and a quarter centuries!

    Perhaps they like to imagine that in such a world they would be the ruling elite(!) and therefore immune to Secret Police activity!

    Oh, and I left out an important fact from the early part of the story!

    My Mother’s licquorice addiction did NOT produce a black baby – it produced a son who cannot, and has never been able to, stand even the faintest whiff of the stuff! Yuk (shudders violently)!


  2. Vincent December 30, 2010 at 4:11 pm #

    Funny how they ALWAYS manage to find SOMEONE who asserts that the looney in question was a nice quiet bloke.

    I enjoyed an Australian sketch where a woman was being interviewed about a neighbour who had turned out to be a suicide bomber.

    She said, “Well, he was always such a QUIET bloke – got a bit noisy at the end, though!”

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