Alfie – halfway out of the dark…

31 Dec

Steven Moffatt is a GENIUS!

I mean to say, the three of us here on planet Sumpnado are all either practising or lapsed Mensa members but I don’t think any of US could have come up with the opening lines of the Christmas episode of Doctor Who in a month of Sundays!

But of course the difference between having a high IQ and being a genius is that the former has the potential while the latter does something with it!

And I LOVED the way he cut through all the Christian and Pagan ritual with the simple description of the time around the Winter Solstice (i.e. where we still are now) as humans celebrating “being halfway out of the dark”!

I’m still not entirely sure about the concept of “Face Spiders” living behind cupboards and sleeping in your mattress but I’m still off to watch it yet again!


Happy New Year to all my colleagues and any readers we may have.

Please comment and let us know we’re not just shouting into that darkness that we’re halfway out of!



One Response to “Alfie – halfway out of the dark…”

  1. Vincent January 1, 2011 at 6:35 pm #

    I think Moffatt has done well to follow Davies so well. My local satellite SP LOST Auntie a couple of years ago (quibble over money, I hear) but m’boy sends me The Doctor (and other gems) on disk.

    I look forward to seeing this Solstice Special (I’d heard about it on IMDb – thanks to TIM, I’m not TOTALLY cut off, here in the Orient!)

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