Gerry Rafferty finally fades out at 63.

4 Jan

Jay called from South Wales. Had I heard that Gerry Rafferty died [long term, liver failure] in [Royal] Bournemouth Hospital today? Jay had not realised Rafferty stayed here.

The last time I wrote on Gerry Rafferty was when he was “missing” in 2009. Actually he was hiding. He had a house just north of Florence, in Tuscany.

His Dorset base was a detached rented property in Upton, Poole. His fiancee Enzina Fuschini, Italian artist and designer, had been looking after him for three years.

The poor lad (seven years my junior) hated fame, and must have been tormented by guilt about the £80,000 a year royalties…

He rampages through his Westbury Hotel room, in London, peeing everywhere, and cutting himself on broken glass. He absconds from Saint Thomas’ Hospital. He moves here. He moves there. Friends look after him.

I am confused about the chronological order of the various events reported whenever Paisley-born Rafferty rose again into public view. I expect he was equally mixed up about it.

I remember hearing his sublime record Baker Street (1978) played every hour on CKLG and CFUN when I was visiting three siblings in Vancouver BC, in summer of 1979.

It made me realise that there was something good in the latest music. I had abandoned listening to Pop when Radio Northsea International closed, and gay Caroline playing albums did not suit me.

Wiki reminds us that Baker Street …features a “glistening” saxophone solo by Raphael Ravenscroft… Rafferty and Ravenscroft pulled over 5 million radio plays by 2010.

I own a Disky CD of the album DC 854422 and it seems to me to be BS-free. Biz taking place in the buildings of BS, the thoroughfare, may be full of BS, but the song itself is the real biz for sure.


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