From Vincent, re Alfie's Partial Eclipse…

5 Jan

I remember the TOTAL eclipse – I had seen it predicted (AMAZINGLY accurately, as it turned out) in a kid’s science book in 1960. “1999… hmm… I’ll remember that,” I thought. And I did.

On the day, I woke VERY early and drove down to the Cornwall “corridor” to scout out a suitable location for viewing the phenomenon.

Extracting myself from the MESS created by opportunist farmers illegally blocking roads to scam money from mugs, for the privilege of watching the event from their fields – I finally found the perfect spot. It was atop a large hill, overlooking the eclipse’s approach.

I was alone, save an old couple a hundred metres away – who had had the same notion.

Of course, Britain’s EVER-present cloud layer meant the corona was denied me (and all the kids whose schools had panicked and – fearing being SUED for allowing the kids to be BLINDED – had declared they would keep them INSIDE, during the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity).

However – at the appointed time, I saw the GIGANTIC SHADOW RUSH towards me, DEVOURING the countryside below. It was slightly SCARY! As it passed over, all became deathly quiet. The birds one had previously not noticed were now highly noticeable by their SILENCE.

I stood still in the unearthly gloom. It was a magic moment – only SLIGHTLY spoiled by the monumental MORONS down below who figured nature’s most SPECTACULAR event needed “enhancing” with FIREWORKS.

Then, all too soon, the bar of LIGHT rushed across the void to where I stood and once again the birds began their callings – as I jumped STRAIGHT into my car and hit the ROAD.

Four hours later (I lived 250 miles away) I reached my flat and turned on the telly to see how the event had been treated by the media. It was all fairly predictable, but I was amused to see that those who had been less nimble than myself were STILL STUCK in the Cornwall traffic!


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