Vincent on… Gerry Rafferty

8 Jan

A few random thoughts…

One: a lot of people who are painfully shy – or whose lives are missing something – “overcompensate” and go into SHOWBIZ. But once there, if they inadvertently achieve FAME, it often DESTROYS them. Gerry appears to have been one such.

Two: there was an urban myth that the sax solo in “Baker Street” was played by Bob “Blockbusters” Holness. This was actually a JOKE started by an NME journo on a slow day – the soloist was Raphael Ravenscroft.

Although Bob DOES have ONE claim to fame: he was the second actor to play James Bond – in a radio play – after Barry Nelson’s 1954 TV effort.

And three: I used to love it when Russ Abbot was playing “Barratt Holmes” and every time someone said “Baker Street” – that sax solo would play!


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