Alfie: Sharing the whimsy!

9 Jan

A couple of days ago my old friend and fellow Sumpnadoan resident, Vincent, sent me an email containing a link to a video clip of a speeded-up journey which would (but for the 1960s intervention of that short-sighted prat Doctor Beeching) have been a Railway trip from Hull to Hornsea. As it is, the trip follows the route of the old railway exactly but goes through Industrial Estates, private houses and a surprising (in a good way) number of leafy paths and cycle ways before plunging into the sea at the South Yorkshire seaside town.

And while it was a journey I did not take by train even when it was possible it DID serve to remind me that I did once visit Hornsea by other means.

Now, readers of my random scribblings will probably realise that usually I do “rants”, “cynicism”, “sarcasm” or “cold, harsh logic” with occasional bursts of what I choose to call “uncommon sense” on this page.

Pieces of an autobiographical, historical, whimsical or generally light-hearted nature are normally reserved for my own blog at

Just this once however I shall share with you my abiding memory of Hornsea despite it being out of place here through being light-hearted and possibly even whimsical in nature.

In the late 1990s one of my sea fishing buddies and I found ourselves at a loose end on a November Saturday. We decided to put aside our usual hunting grounds on the Suffolk coast and explore new territory north of the Humber.

I can’t recall whether we headed to a spot north of Hornsea and worked our way back down the coast to it but I DO remember that Hornsea was where we stopped to pick up a few snacks – crisps, pork pies, Mars Bars, that sort of thing! And we purchased all of that at a smallish newsagent’s in the town centre which doubled up as the area’s outlet for the National Lottery. There were quite a few people buying tickets there as the jackpot hadn’t been won on the previous draw.

We found ourselves in the queue behind a sweet, smiling, very genteel elderly lady with fluffy white hair – Miss Marple to a “T”.

When she got to the counter it was plain that the newsagent knew her:

“Hello Miss [long forgotten name], will you be wanting a lottery ticket today?”

“Oh yes please”, she replied in a voice as refined and well-bred as her appearance suggested, “In fact I’ll have two….”

There was a short pause before she added for the whole shop to hear, “It’s one of those LEGOVER weeks you know!”

I think I’d be right in saying that every customer in the shop completely cracked up, while the newsagent just smiled sadly and said “That’s ROLLOVER week, my dear”!



2 Responses to “Alfie: Sharing the whimsy!”

  1. Vincent January 11, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    You made that last bit UP!!!

  2. Alfie January 11, 2011 at 10:59 pm #

    Didn’t so!

    It was actually all brought back to me last November at the Great Barclays Fishing Match when the guy who was with me that day in Hornsea told the very same story to the rest of the lads in the pub (The Eight Bells, Dover).

    So there!


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