Alfie: Grunts at Westminster get it wrong AGAIN!

11 Jan

I have just watched a news report on the BBC concerning a Parliamentary committee conducting some sort of Witch hunt concerning Bankers’ bonuses – a subject which they feel will endear them to those of us UK Taxpayers feeling aggrieved at small parts of the massive sums paid to “bail out” the banks being used in this way.

Three other things there are that ye need to be aware of:

  1. One of my favourite Authors, Robert Anson Heinlein described a committee as “a life form with upwards of ten legs and no brain” – and that, in my opinion, includes Parliamentary committees as much, if not more than any others!
  2. Members of Parliament are happy for ANY excuse to deflect attention from their own ongoing misfeasance of public funds in the way of Expenses claims  – let’s face it even the “legal” ones are for things no ordinary employer would expect to have to pay for and no ordinary employee would have the bare-faced cheek to think he was entitled to claim!
  3. Having decided to curry favour with the electorate rather than doing what they’d much rather be doing – snuggling up to the Bankers for preferential loans, directorships etc. – these lump-heads decided to go public and televise their attempts at brow-beating the head of one of the largest banks in the country.

Now some may say “Good on ‘em” but what none of the “neutral” commentators has mentioned is that they got all tough and officious with the Chairman of Barclays – the one big UK bank that did not receive any taxpayer’s money in the “bail out” and which can claim that its (admittedly obscene) profits are a result of its own efforts and are, therefore, theirs to dispose of as they wish.

It is well known that I have no great love for Barclays or its management at any level, having worked for them for a relative pittance for 25 years but it was such a blatantly unfair piece of self publicity on the MPs part that even my sympathies were with Bob Diamond!

So let the MPs beware – you may have fooled the BBC but you didn’t slip one past ME!

Alfie is still watching YOU and I don’t trust ANY of you further than I could throw you!

And as for the BBC – please stop putting slants on reported events that simply pander to what you think the public wants to hear. To my mind that makes you just as bad as the bloody politicians!

Stick to the facts or I’ll take my custom elsewhere.

Alfie (


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