Jane Fonda. Confused Left. Perverse movies.

16 Jan

Jane Fonda married Ted Turner, of Cable News Network, and it seems to me that, ever since, CNN has spewed a Left wing attitude on the news, especially in regard to a fawning attitude to colourful but extremist religions.

This attitude is finally changing as the Left as a whole realises that there is an inconsistency between defending the rights of girls and ladies on the one hand, and on the other hand smooching up to cultures that think it proper to stone teenage girls to death for the ‘crime’ of wanting to read and write and spend a little time outside the kitchen.

On an RT documentary, there was Jane Fonda singing a song “I don’t want to be ABOVE you. I don’t want to be BELOW you…” and my knee-jerk contempt for her moderated to a considerable degree, I must admit.

I hated Jane Fonda for taking part in Barbarella. That movie celebrated sadism. It has become more and more the great canker at the heart of entertainments media of the West. What we need is not particpation from Actors but condemnation.

Sexy young ladies being slowly tortured over candle flame, lovingly constructed by screenwriter, producer and director (perverts all, evidently) in the vile Barbarella abomination, had nothing to do with enjoyable science fiction.

The scene had everything to do with masturbatory fantasies of schoolboys and men, alienated from gentle female contact. Without loving sex at puberty, we males (and a few females) get sick in this way.

Despite what is taught by evil filth such as Eustace Chesser (“Is Chastity Outmoded” and the “whatever turns you on” persion) in their post-war poison writings, orgasm obtained via fantasies of cruelty is a spreading canker in the soul.

Right about sex, wrong about perversion. There is a difference. It is like the difference twixt defence forces and colonisers. Twixt food and junk food. Twixt education and indoctrination. Twixt facts and faith. Twixt clean and filthy.

More and more, the movie industry (and much more, the video and video-game industries) the money-making machine is ridden on a fuel of evil, not good; negativity, not positivity; destruction, not creation.

There is a middle way. Twee rubbish about a guy in the sky is cringe-making. But genres such as Star Wars try for that middle way and are commercially successful. Back To The Future pretty much got it spot on.

Come on, Jane and Ted. Let CNN tackle the big story of certain gents taking over the world. Condemn the pervert element in the media, along with the age-old perversion known as faith. No second-guessing on true socialism – it is still the way, the truth, the life.


2 Responses to “Jane Fonda. Confused Left. Perverse movies.”

  1. Alfie January 16, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    “The scene had everything to do with masturbatory fantasies of schoolboys and men, alienated from gentle female contact.” is almost certainly correct!

    I went to the Ipswich Odeon to see “Barbarella” in the company, I think, of (co-administrator) Vincent! It was an “X” certificate film and we were both certainly under the “16 years old” limit although both tall enough to get in without question. It was such an unmemorable film that my only abiding recollection of it is the opening titles featuring “Hanoi Jane” slowly and weightlessly stripping off her spacesuit.

    Vincent and I were, at that time, deprived of female company through attending an all boys school!

    As to the rest, thanks for increasing my knowledge of the convoluted history of the left hand end of the Med. My ignorance of the causes of the difficulties in that area is only surpassed by that concerning the problems with our little green, Guinness drinking chums cross the water.


  2. Vincent January 18, 2011 at 4:11 am #

    Sorry Cy – “Barbarella” is one of my all-time FAVOURITE movies! For me, the S&M fetish gear was just about STYLE – not literality.

    Granted Babs gets tied up and eaten by nasty little dolls – then thrown into a globe to be eaten by budgerigars – then gets strapped into a machine played by a mad…

    Okay – maybe you have a point. But interestingly – Jane speaks FONDLY of that movie.

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