Alfie: “Pirating” the work of others!

17 Jan

You know, having shoehorned my way onto someone else’s blog (although “more by accident than design” is how I REALLY see it) I do feel that I am beholden to my co-administrators, including the noble founder, to read all the stuff that went down before I arrived on the scene!

So that’s what I’ve been trying to do.

And a good job too!

That’s because I nearly made a bit of an arse of myself by publishing a piece on Pirate Radio – an aspect of  modern history as dear to my heart as it is to Cy’s – that would have quoted, almost word for word, part of one of his previous discourses on that subject.

Wouldn’t THAT have been embarrassing?

So, instead of setting down what I was going to say I’m going to cheat like crazy and provide you with links to a couple of postings from my own site that relate to Pirate Radio and its part in my personal history.

That gives you something to read that you may not have seen before and saves me having to risk accidentally duplicating my colleagues’ work. (Oh and while you’re there, please feel free to read all the rest!)

But before we get to the list, the comment made by Cy on 19th June 2010 was as follows:

“It was only when Johnny Walker himself, driving a truck, was forced by desperate economic circumstances to humble himself and beg the Beeb for a once-a-week spot, that we fans of the great man reluctantly tuned into the hated 247 metres.”

They weren’t the EXACT words I used, of course, but that quote mirrored my own experience – I refused outright to even consider listening to Radio 1 until the word reached me that JW had reluctantly given up the struggle! Even then I’d only listen to HIM (and an occasional bit of John Peel) for many years despite friends telling me how vastly amusing Noel Edmunds was!

Here’s the link list  – I’ll now get back to reading up on Sumpnado posts from June onwards and trying not to repeat anything else that’s already been done:


One Response to “Alfie: “Pirating” the work of others!”

  1. Alfie January 18, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Through the workings of synchronicity I was reminded, only minutes after reading your last comment above, of a christmas song by Marty Feldman from many years ago called “Christmas is a joyous time of year” or similar.

    After one of the verses he inserts a “mock jingle” which states, if I remember correctly, “Radio One’s a load of fun, like migraine headaches”! How apt.

    Anyone else remember it?


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