Alfie: Back and shouting at the World again!

26 Jan

It is slightly humbling to note that, in the week or so since I last posted here, the  daily viewing statistics have chugged along  – no better, no worse than when I was putting up a couple of articles every week! Plainly I need to do some promotion of my involvement with this site!

It has been a week of putting me firmly in my place what with my new employer announcing at the end of my 3 months initial contract that “We didn’t realise it when we took you on but what we needed was a Desktop and Network Support Technician who can also do quite complicated programming!”

Which I can’t!  So they let me go! Bugger – they were such NICE people too!

Still, they are paying me for January and February because you don’t REALLY want someone in my job working out their notice with full access to all your computerised data and the ability to change all the passwords right up to and including System Administrator level, now do you?

 A good call, in fact, because Temptation has not always passed me by in past similar circumstances – but those tales are for a future article – or might be if I think there’s no chance after all this time of any legal comeback!

As I say though they were very nice people who seemed  genuinely to like me – they just need to get their act together a bit in a number of areas – so I can’t be too cross with them and won’t embarrass them by naming them!

I can, however, reveal that their inefficiencies lie in other areas than just working out job descriptions in advance.

Just before I left, the Transport Department was in a bit of a flap over calls received from a major Supermarket chain (I won’t name it but its scripted logo resembles “Sainsbugs”) over a missing delivery.

Apparently a truck left the factory in Italy and was due to arrive at the Supermarket Depot on Saturday. When it hadn’t arrived by the following Thursday questions began to be asked. It now transpires that the normal trucking company were overloaded with jobs and sub-contracted it to a third party owner-driver and his refrigerated lorry.  Both the driver’s ID and the truck registration turned out to be false!

Now I know that there are, allegedly, certain criminal organisations that operate in Italy – not all of the “families” migrated to the USA – and I can well imagine that companies shifting large cargoes of booze or cigarettes take special care in such situations.

But please, PLEASE, tell me exactly WHO would want to hijack a full container load of……. LEMON MOUSSE!  And if you manage to work it out, drop a line to those members of the Italian Police not too busy investigating their own Prime Minister! I’m sure they’re pretty puzzled too!

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