Alfie: The Non-news story of the day!

27 Jan

Who would have thought it?

News media of all types  are today doing stories where they get to use the expressions  “News of the World reporters” and “Hacks” in the same sentence!

Not the first time THAT’S ever been said!

I think it’s a shame when Newspapers stop reporting the news and actually BECOME the news! That, it would seem to me, is the time to stop buying them and let them fail.

And all this self-inflicted kerfuffle comes at a time when we need journalists to stop telling us we are interested in the ‘phone messages of the so-called “Celebrities” that they built up for us in the first place and go investigate things that matter to ordinary folk!

For example? 

Well the story of a distinct lack of value-for-money in University courses that Sumpnado’s esteemed leader reported on 26th January for starters! If it’s happening in Bournemouth you can bet it’s happening elsewhere too – like phone tapping!  Read it here.

What’s up Local and National journalists?

Not enough reputation enhancing headlines in a story like that?

Alfie (


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