Alfie: Life imitating Art!

12 Feb

Thanks to my fortnight spent  “cyber-dead for tax reasons” I managed to miss until yesterday an email from fellow Sumpnadoan and old school friend, Vincent.

It contained a link – this one – and if you follow it you will note that it looks at the two sides of the situation in our cemeteries which is, of course, the very subject that I addressed in my posting here a couple of weeks ago (

Before writing MY article I also considered both sides of that story but then did what we all do in these circumstances, decided for myself what my own opinion was and plumped unequivocally for that as being RIGHT!

And I stand by that opinion – I just think it’s a great shame that I didn’t find out about the article until the two day time limit for comments had already expired!

Just think – my rewriting of Rupert Brooke’s immortal lines might have gone VIRAL!

Ah well I’m sure there’ll be other shots at fame to come!

Alfie (


One Response to “Alfie: Life imitating Art!”

  1. Vincent February 13, 2011 at 3:50 am #

    I just stumbled across that piece and it reminded me of YOUR piece. As I intimated, I am mostly with YOU on the issue. A graveyard should look like they did in Hammer’s gothic horrors – not a friggin’ fairground!

    Although I have to admit I like those little PICTURES of the deceased you can mount on gravestones today – provided they are small, discreet enamelled cameos (like in – stay with it for the BATS!)

    Of course, these days, graveyards are an outdated concept. I wanna just be dumped in a plywood box and turned to ASH, when I leave this place. Then the ashes can be spread on the garden, so I can rejoin the continuum.

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