Alfie: Reports of my death………

12 Feb

………Are, as the saying goes, greatly exaggerated!

Two weeks ago I wrote my last piece for this site and, at that time, also had two articles half-written for my own site.  

They remain half-written – although maybe not for long!

“Why is this so?” I hear you cry!

Well, I’ve thought about it and I think I must be turning into a “Proper Writer” with all the quirky, unpredictable, moody crankiness that such word-artists are traditionally depicted as possessing!

Plus, I work in IT Support, sorting out other peoples’ computer problems , and while no-one (temporarily I’m sure) wishes to employ me to do that at the moment I reacted by subconsciously deciding to have as little as possible to do with my own computers for a while.

So, with the exception of the hour or two spent each day going through the automated “job search” emails I receive and applying for anything appropriate I have quite simply done nothing whatsoever online! This means I have not checked out this site, any comments to my own postings, the hotmail account that my fellow Sumpnado Admins use to contact me or even friend Vincent’s various entertaining sites and postings for quite some time!

And yet I make no apologies for that as it has been quite refreshing to take my mind off the hook for 10 days or so – something that I normally don’t even manage when I’m on holiday.

I have, however, had two job interviews in the last two days and found as a result of the preparation I had to do for them that the “writing” part of my brain has kick-started itself!

The old creative juices, if not actually in full flow yet, are at least oozing embarrassingly again!

So, I’m back for now and if I do disappear again at some point fear not – it isn’t depression or that I don’t love you any more; I will have just lost interest temporarily!

Oh, and if this 6 foot 4 inch, 19 stone Sparrow should “drop off the twig” then a statement that I have written saying nice things about myself will be emailed to my Sumpnado colleagues by my family for publication here.

I do hope you never get to read it!

Alfie (


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