Alfie: comment on the header!

23 Feb

Nice picture, Vincent!

That certainly does look how Ipswich should from the Spring Road viaduct.

I can well believe your remark that the shot was “a bugger to get” – especially if you weren’t on a train to or from Felixstowe at the time!

Oddly enough I was only talking about the viaduct with my wife the other day. The “why” was obvious given its visibility but I was pondering the “how” of the various slogans that were painted on the side of it over the years. Did they use long handled brushes or abseiling at the dead of night?

“Yanks go home” is  the first one I remember from the early 60s but I’ve a feeling that there was something about Radio Caroline up there in 3 foot high white painted letters at one time.

However, while I used the road quite often, it was not my main route into town so Vincent may remember the graffitti better than I do.



2 Responses to “Alfie: comment on the header!”

  1. Vincent February 24, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    Oh no, Cy! Real BRICKS – MILLIONS of ’em! It was built LONG before phony brick laminates.

    Alfie: the first graffiti I recall was “farewell Giles – ton it” – which I assume was directed at a biker who was off somewhere.

    I think they leaned over the side to do it. At the time, such activity was rare – so it actually made the local PAPER.

    Both: I was only at the top of the embankment – safely away from the track – but I almost got BUSTED (it was daytime and I was visible). Initially, the cops tried to nick my panoramic camera – but I talked them out of it.

    They told me someone had called them and said a man was on the track. They’d had to SLOW DOWN A TRAIN, because of it!

    I suspected who’d ratted me out – he’d smirked up at me from his garden, full well knowing my purpose up there was benign. He thought he was being cute – he did not know ME!

    The cops refused to confirm he’d grassed me up – but as I drove back past, I saw them visit his HOUSE.

    So six months later, having obtained his POST CODE during a visit to the library, I exacted a horrible REVENGE on him – I enrolled him in half-a-dozen record, book, handicraft (etc.) clubs!

    You know the ones: “send no money (or even stamp the envelope) choose six items FREE” (but you are committed to buying another DOZEN over the next two years).

    Ever tried to extricate yourself from one of THOSE?!

    After six months, he wouldn’t have had a CLUE who had NAILED him – it would have kept him AWAKE nights!

    Even the goods (in the case of the handicraft ones – I chose the BIGGEST items) would have been no good to him. Like – with the records I chose mixes NO-ONE could have related to!

    Of course in theory, one is only legally required to care for goods received thus – and it’s the company’s responsibility to take them back.

    But in practise…

    And if you screw with the company, you lose your CREDIT RATING (something which – given the appearance of his house – I knew would be a PROBLEM for him) and it’s a nightmare getting THAT restored.

    Just ONE of those “club” companies can give you MAJOR headaches – but SIX??!

    Another time, a woman who was a RIGHT cow (and whose marriage was rocky) messed with me. In her case, I knew her PHONE NUMBER – so I put it and her name on certain West End toilet walls, along with an inviting message…

    You cannot nail EVERYONE who screws with you – to even TRY, messes up your Karma – but the knowledge a FEW of them are sadder and wiser HELPS your Karma (and self-respect) no END!

    And there’s a principle involved here, with ALL of those wise-guys. YOU know that those who yanked your chain and got away with it were LUCKY. They COULD have been one of the ones who DIDN’T!

  2. Vincent February 25, 2011 at 7:20 am #

    CY: Mmmm. I thought I’d keep the piece in comments, as it might have sounded ARROGANT to those who didn’t KNOW me!

    However, I WAS emboldened to write a POST on ANOTHER of my “naughties” – that I suspect will warm the cockles of your HEART!

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