Financial Services spivs… are they done yet?

25 Feb

In response to the truly excellent and fascinating piece: Alfie: Vengeance is Mine…

…I guess the difference between a company or a department BEFORE the Thatcher-Lean-Mean era kicked it into the claws of a Financial Services Company is that…

Before, we had something that sustainably produced worth for the community on a modest scale, and AFTER we have nothing except wealth for a few who have swanned off with the loot that they have ‘legally’ but unjustifiably awarded to themselves.

And, at the culmination of the whole era, we have a once admittedly imperfect, but Great, nation that is now undeniably wrecked.

Is it the old story of the pendulum swing between extremes? As a kid I saw the sterility of Victorian beliefs, and attacked them, but I never thought that Order would be discarded along with Inhibition and Injustice.

Why did we not arrive at the Happy Medium of getting it Just Right? Why did we lurch from the extreme of Well-Organised Harshness, to the other extreme of Assett-Stripped Laxity (value-less in two senses of the word)?

And where do we go from here?

PS Monday 21 March 2011I have just ordered the book Griftopia by Matt Thiabbi -about the Wall Street thieves.


One Response to “Financial Services spivs… are they done yet?”

  1. Vincent February 25, 2011 at 5:59 am #

    Well, if Britain continues to shuffle papers and give boni (as in crocus – croci?) to the empty suits who have best succeeded in “rationalising” their workforces…

    …seeking aid from China?

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