Alfie: She’s back!

26 Feb

My wife has returned from her 5 day excursion to Boston MA awash with tales of US culture (I think “Barston” is the only place this exists!) and the unsmiling officiousness of the Homeland Security operatives at Logan International Airport!

She seems to have missed so many opportunities despite my extensive pre-trip briefing.

I understand that, in the very city that the “revolutionary war” had its origins, she singularly failed to refer to George Washington & Co. as “the terrorist insurgency”; to Paul Revere as “the whoopsie who rode off screaming like a girl about the British coming”; or to the fact that the second amendment of the Constitution wasn’t meant to refer to guns but T-shirts (the right to “bare arms”, geddit!).

I like to think that had I been invited along I would have brought all of those things into conversations with the colonials plus I would surely not have failed to mention at the John F Kennedy Museum the highly important and significant fact that he was shot the day before Doctor Who started!

And, of course, had I done so I would probably NOT be in the UK writing this – I would have been whizzed off to some remote corner of Cuba wearing an orange jumpsuit, finding out the hard way that waterboarding wasn’t something invented by The Beach Boys and that “extraordinary rendition” is NOT decorative plaster work!



One Response to “Alfie: She’s back!”

  1. Vincent February 27, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    Yeah – great post. Did your Lady and the TSA guy exchange phone numbers?

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