Every day, in every way, things get… the same.

2 Mar

The subject of Training, at the hands of crude morons, of World War 2 British Army draftees came up. I read a superbly observed and documented account by a late sufferer of such crazinesss.

We all understand that the brutalisation in training (supposed to enable nice-guys to kill others face-to-face) destroyed independant thought and led to fatal mistakes in battle.

Toffs have always warred against other toffs, conning the poor into the bloodshed. Social-ists argue that toffs are the common enemy. In 1939, the ordinary bloke had no reason to save British toffs who had effed up badly.

But given the genuine vileness of the Nazis, needs must. That blokes be expected to endure the insult of insane training in addition to the injury of paddling up the beaches in a shower of bullets was typical toff thinking.

I use the word ‘toff’ to refer to moronic people inheriting power, usually landowners, or otherwise inheritors of (rather than earners of) wealth. People who speak properly, and who excel in their work, are not toffs! They are the good guys!

I recall being impressed when I read about certain freedom-fighters, after WW2, who re-established an ancient nation. First, in the pre-independence struggle, and later in the official Defence Forces, there was no three-bags-full routime. Your uncle was not “sir” he was “Uncle”. The extended-family relationships did not affect the chain of command. You just died with your self-respect intact.

In the war of survival against certain religious madmen (NOT against the ordinary people who were your neighbours and friends) it was win, or be exterminated.

My parents were evangelical Christians and full of joy to see the Return of the People to the Land. They thought that Judgement Day was very close. Poor, indoctrinated fools! I was lucky to have the ability to see the nonsense for what it was (although it TOOK me long enough!

But the point I desire to make today is that when we complain about the many aspects in which our nation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or better still just England, has gone down, we ought to remember that our past was a mess too.


One Response to “Every day, in every way, things get… the same.”

  1. Vincent March 5, 2011 at 10:29 am #

    Good piece!

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