Alfie: Sitting, watching, waiting!

8 Mar

This morning I went to see my Doctor!

Don’t fret, nothing wrong – just my regular visit to pick up another stack of prescriptions for the anti-cholesterol Statins that this particular practice dishes out as a matter of course to blokes over 50!

As usual while waiting I spent some time watching the TV on the wall which has the sound off but those wonderful computerised subtitles ON. Also as usual I was trying to work out what the speaker must really have been saying because the subtitles made no sense at all a lot of the time.

I didn’t note any really good ones this time but for my previous experience please see

What I DID notice that touched my peculiar sense of humour was a conversation that confirmed my worst suspicions as to who is really in charge at a group surgery.

One of the Doctors arrived for the morning fray and went straight to the Reception desk (presumably to check for urgent messages) to speak to the lady receptionist.

“Good morning Doctor”, she said crisply, “And how are you today?”

And I thought HE was the one who was supposed to do the diagnoses!

Then, when I got in to see my own Doc he asked me to make an appointment for a blood test and I told him I’d have no trouble fitting it in as the world doesn’t seem to want 58 year old Computer Technicians at the moment.

He then started telling me all about the overly severe anti-virus system they have, their extremely slow server and the fact that his prescription printer needs its’ arse kicking!

“Oh that’s typical” I told him, “mention you’re in Computers and everyone pours out all their I.T. problems to you!”

Then I thought on what I’d said and added  “Must be a bit like being a Doctor!”

He laughed, which probably did him no end of good!

As they say “If I can help somebody as I pass along…….”



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