Vincent asks: Is The World Pissed Off At Us?

30 Mar

Of course, the weathermen will say NO. They will argue that patterns are cyclical and we only remember the remarkable cycles. But then, what do THEY know? They are a bunch of CHARLATANS. No-one can predict the weather – there are too many variables.

But if we look at the FACTS…

I first noticed the weather had gotten funny, in 1990. I found I could trace it back to the Big British Blow of 1987 – an event I actually WITNESSED. Then British summers moved forward two months. I adjusted my holidays accordingly and was the only Siemens employee to enjoy a warm holiday in the UK, two years running. Then others began doing likewise.

Then I noted that for twelve consecutive months, an extreme weather record that had stood “Since Records Began” (it became a catch-phrase) got SHATTERED. And not just in Britain – but World-wide.

Rain in deserts – mudslides where there had never been any – flies in Britain in December – etc.

Eventually, the World caught up with ME. It was hard for Brits to IGNORE me when they were up to their arses in WATER. For years, the government backed the weathermen – nothing was amiss.

But the media ignored the government (as usual) and by the mid-Nineties, were talking about Climate Change as FACT. Eventually, the government bowed under the pressure.

However, right now, this weather has followed me to Thailand (I thought I was SAFE here). In the South, it has PISSED with rain for days – in what should be the start of high Summer – the Rainy Season is not due for another month.

Mudslides, rampant seas, millions cut off, people trapped – some DEAD. The South is currently a Disaster Area.

Even here in Central, the weather has been FREEZING, by Thai standards. It is currently twenty-one centigrade – it should be over THIRTY. Late March is currently more like late DECEMBER.

But the thing that’s got me bamboozled is the SEISMIC activity…

In 1997 – just two weeks after I had passed by – Italy had an earthquake that brought down buildings that had stood for CENTURIES. And since then, their quakes have VASTLY increased in frequency.

And a few years later, on Boxing Day, there was a once-in-a-millennium quake just off Indonesia, that started a tsunami that wiped out a third of a MILLION people.

There then followed a SERIES of them, stretching right across the top of India.

Japan, sitting on a fault line, is USED to seismic events – but in 1995, Kobe caught them unprepared and over 6,000 people paid the price. Thus it now has tsunami early-warning systems (they INVENTED the word Tsunami) and is prepared for anything.

Or at least, that’s what they THOUGHT. Cut to pictures of cars and buildings floating around like toys. The camera helicopters followed the wave over land for miles, filming people being caught TOTALLY unawares. The current estimate of the dead is 30,000.

And because Japan is First World, the pounding THEY took – overshadowed similar events in India and Burma.

Which brings me right back here. The Burma (Myanmar) quake was DEEP – and shook up Northern Thailand pretty badly. Yet oddly, while Bangkok felt the earth move – despite being on a line between the two, this writer felt NOTHING.

But what is CAUSING all of this? I mean, we can blame ourselves for the change in climate – but SEISMIC events are unconnected.

So could our Earth be getting REVENGE on us – for screwing it UP???


6 Responses to “Vincent asks: Is The World Pissed Off At Us?”

  1. Cy Quick March 31, 2011 at 12:43 am #

    If we short-lived animals look at geological layers, sculptings of the surface of Earth, and the continents driven upon convecting magma, then melodramatic speculation that we have an effect fades away, except as fun, as in this pleasing piece! All normal, however. Change is normal. It is normal to have change. Good. That’s settled then…

  2. Cy Quick March 31, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    As to the actual Green PARTY, I call them Green-fascists. They are extreme and quasi-religious in their misanthropy and virulent hatred of business and TRUE science. Fortunately politicians are perfideous enough to say “We must commit suicide as the Green-fascists demand – but we must do it slowly!” As they drag their feet, more and more of the public hear the truth from such books as THE REAL GLOBAL WARMING DISASTER by Christopher Booker.

    But I would add one thing: Whilst the white Anglo-Saxon Potestant-based population of Earth (you know, the ones that brought us all blessings of science and technology because vicars, unlike priests and certain other perverts, are mostly harmless so we are free to question) bought-into population control (and the Chinese did the one-child-only project) there is A CERTAIN OTHER FAITH who follow the rule of the rabbits “You cannot have too many babies”…

    What brought Population Growth into my mind? I just heard 1960s song on the Tony Paul show on Radio Caroline (still here) in which the girl singer referred to “three billion” of us. Seven now. And the WASP proportion falling like a stone.

    Does nobody feel a big unease about this…? To be non-racist is wonderful. I myself am a natural-born and raised non-racist. But to be blind to the power of NUMBERS is dangerous… I am, however, allowing myself to feel, not reassured by the events around the Med, but at least on hold. I am waiting and seeing. Are we REALLY going to see a change like that of the death of the Soviet-Empire? Or are the enemy (as always, I mention no names) going to seize the revolution from the secular reformers?

  3. Cy Quick March 31, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    The word ‘change’ is not the correct one to use. It is ‘variation’ that we are part of. The continents vary in their position in relation to the poles. Our star, Sol by name, varies as the vast clouds inter-stellar particles (moving more slowly I presume than stars) feed or starve it, and in turn the climate of Earth varies as driven this variety in Solar onslaught.

    There is NOTHING NEW about present-day, on-going, normal, NATURAL variety in our temperature, rainfall, and winds. If we lived at least two thousand years, rather than 70, we could not avoid seeing that fact. As it is, being mayflies, just day-flies, we get all worked up. Peace! Be still, dear Vincento! Be of good cheer! All is well! (Well, as well as may be expected. There is still religion, the worst weather of all, to be battled…)

  4. Alfie March 31, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

    I too have noticed that the seasons rather suddenly went wonky a few years ago and MY first thought was of the plot of that lovely low-tech British Sci-fi movie “The Day the Earth Caught Fire” – mad nuclear scientists letting off big, bad bombs and wobbling us off our axis!

    Is it possible?

    I think we should be told (but don’t think we will be)!


  5. Vincent March 31, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    Ah yes – it starred the excellent Edward Judd and the then-ACTUAL editor of the Daily Express! I have the movie in The Collection.

    I think you must be right, Cy – the seismic activity HAS to be a natural cycle. But like Crosby said about Sinatra, “He’s the best singer of the century – unfortunately, it has to be MY century.”

    In other words – if this increased seismic activity IS a natural cycle – why does it have to be in MY lifetime?!

    Alfie: a FEW years ago? Try nearly TWENTY! At our age, time flies so quickly…

  6. Vincent March 31, 2011 at 8:26 pm #

    One wonders where it’ll all end. There are races who KILL baby girls, ’cause boys are best. Others who have as many kids as possible, ’cause they represent WEALTH in their old age. And the sagging Western economy causes our SMART people to go childless, ’cause they will drag you into POVERTY.

    I recall that American comedy movie where a guy wakes after having been FROZEN for a century – to an America populated chiefly by MORONS – ’cause the smart people went childless, while the White Trash-types continued to pop out sprogs by the millions. It could happen!

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