Alfie: Just resting!

5 Apr

In the unlikely event that anyone has missed me over here on Sumpnado I should explain that I’ve been having a short rest and doing some things for my own site ( including a very recent piece about puns for which I STILL refuse to apologise!

If you’ve nipped across and read it you will see mention in it of an annual school ritual that my fellow Sumpnado Administrator Vincent and I had to endure each year – the school Harvest Festival service at St. Johns Church in Ipswich.

And here’s a picture of it – ugly looking pile ain’t it?

Not of course helped by the spatial distortion to the roof – not sure if that’s down to Google maps or it being a repository for the Dark Side of the Force!

And speaking of ugly looking piles, one year (1966 I think it was) the Ipswich Evening Star sent a photographer to record the event and he caught what would then have been Class 3A filing in. I acquired a copy of the pic in question and have adulterated a copy to point out what two of the blogging world’s finest flowers looked like then:

Yes, that gormless bat-eared beanpole IS me and what can I say about m’colleague? Only that it looks very much as though our Mothers used the same pudding basin for our haircuts!

Over to you Vincent , my Old School Thai! How many can YOU name?



4 Responses to “Alfie: Just resting!”

  1. Vincent April 6, 2011 at 2:51 am #

    Well – POTTER, definitely! However, the rest are but a vague memory now. But I see WARSOP in the background.

    A couple of years after we left Copleston High, I had occasion to look up Warsop (I cannot for the life of me recall WHY).

    And, sat in his front room, we got TALKING. I recall one subject was recreational drugs. Since I had been living in London for a couple of years, he was interested in what the scene was ACTUALLY like (rather than the hysterical description oft-given by tabloids).

    But the thing was – away from school, he was surprisingly COOL and non-judgemental. TOTALLY different from the personna he displayed at school…

  2. Vincent April 6, 2011 at 2:53 am #

    Incidentally – if steeples are a phallic symbol – it always occurred to me that St John’s was hung like a HAMSTER!

  3. Alfie April 6, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

    I can take a stab (not literally) at most of those in the foreground – some didn’t stick with US when the GCE/CSE split took place at the end of that school year:

    John Biscoe, Derek Amner, Jon Mallett, Andrew Silk, David Potter, Me, Peter Bridger,Ashley Smith, David Ramsey, Cedric Fairweather, Dicky Wright (looking very small), John Lamb (looking extremely furtive) and I think the teacher right behind me is Mr Birch.

    He (if you’ve been reading my stuff over the last two years) is the Geography master who split the classroom doorframe and swore at us when we overdid the overbalancing chalk tray gag!


    • Vincent April 7, 2011 at 5:10 am #

      Mallatt, Bridger, Ashley Smith, Ramsey and Fairweather I just about recall. Lamb was in an alternative “gang” I spent time with. Birch I remember – he left a message in my autograph book which turns out to have probably been written in Scandinavian – but now I have the means to translate it, I’ve lost the book – it’s here somewhere, but is evading me. And Dicky looks SO small and young, I wasn’t SURE. But as you confirm it, it MUST be him. You look pretty CUTE – but I LOLled at your self deprecating description of same! I look AWFUL. I HATE the FRINGE I had at the time! Of course, now…

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