Economy is fine (Greenspan fine).

14 Apr

I have heard Huffington Post mentioned on TV news a lot, so I put a link on the sidebar. But there was too much grabby-in-your-face advertising for me. I have deleted the link.

But some guy was summarising what Obama said yesterday about the US National Budget:

Yesterday, President Obama argued that the debate about the federal budget is actually about two very different visions of American society:

Are we all in this together — or do we believe in a society where everyone is out for himself and himself alone?

Should we simultaneously take responsibility for ourselves and look out for each other — or should the strongest and most clever among us simply be allowed to dominate and exploit the rest?

Do we aspire to hope and possibility — to the belief that we can shape a better future for our kids? Or are we ready to concede that we can no longer afford to assure that every child has the education she needs to fulfill her potential =- or that seniors should be denied a dignified life in their retirement — or that if you’re sick and poor, you’re just out of luck?

Our religious traditions make it clear which side of this value debate embodies the true aspirations of most Americans — as does our choice of heroes and heroines.

All this clear exposition of the causes of the problem are out there. GRIFTOPIA by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone tells it all.

But the slimey politicians continue to take the bribes for letting evil laws pass. The slimey financial services industry greedy beasts continue to stomp people into the dirt.

Unless the President can take Emergency Powers to repeal by dictat the laws that ended regulation and gave criminals power over the poor, there is no way to end the slide.

Every show on Russia Today channel is grimly incredulous at the present-day insanity of the folk who once gave us the First Footprint at Tranquility Base.

I say unto thee:

Forget owning your own house. Forget working for a living. Forget paying your debts. Forget patriotism. Forget Western Democracy. Forget USA or UK.

Forget keeping right on till the end of Harry Lauder Boulevard.

There is no longer any institution, tradition or culture to which to be loyal.

Live on the dole and drink the night away.


One Response to “Economy is fine (Greenspan fine).”

  1. Vincent April 15, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    I tried Huffington – but found their system does not WORK (but DAMN, that bitch’s voice is sexy!)

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