Stability has Priority in West Africa.

14 Apr

Jay sent me an Update e-mail. He has a lot to report once he has gotten the formal paperwork type of thing resolved happily.

But his aside was substantial:

“You would not be able 2 hack it here…”

He pointed out that faith…

“…is in Control. In fact it is the only thing that is providing stability. I guess that is the main reason why UK and US blocked the release of government UFO reports. If there was ever any doubt as 2 the existence of God things in the third world totally fail overnite. Jay”

Of course, I do not give any credence AT ALL to UFOs, except as defined by Vincent’s most highly esteemed friend, Cornelius. Here is a link to one of his pieces, which will lead you on to wondrous things:

But STABILTY… I surely do believe in that (as being vital).


2 Responses to “Stability has Priority in West Africa.”

  1. Vincent April 15, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    The primitives-will-commit-mass-suicide-if-their-belief-system-gets-undermined argument for keeping alien life SECRET – has merit.

    A while back, a bunch of primitives committed mass suicide when some asteroids passed Earth, convinced their souls would be taken up by the aliens on board – the asteroids went on to crash into Jupiter.

    Said primitives were AMERICANS.

  2. Cy Quick April 15, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    I find that faith-filled people find it easy to move goalposts once they can NO LONGER deny a discovery. Earth not flat but sperical? Cosmos more than a few thousand kilometres across? They answer: “Well there you are! Did we not say how great the Almighty is? And now He has generously revealed more to us.”

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