Alfie: Sometimes I really HATE Microsoft!

15 Apr

I decided tonight to write something for this site and worked out, quite early in the evening, exactly what it should be.

THEN I noticed that an irritating piece of Malware had crept onto the screen of my little HP Netbook resulting in the appearance of an utterly meaningless message of “Bot not Crypted!” which I decided to get rid of.

Having located the application producing this by running MSConfig.exe and looking for “little strangers”, as I call them, in the startup list I then deleted it from the hard disk, expunged it from the computer registry (don’t try this at home unless you have backed up the registry files first) and thought that with a simple restart I would be able to start writing.


I failed to take into account that three days ago was what is known to we in the IT profession as “Microsoft Patch Tuesday” – the day each month when the boys and girls at Microsoft put right all the things that went wrong as a result of last month’s corrections to the things that went wrong as a result of the previous month’s corrections…. and so ad infinitum! 

And I haven’t used this machine since before that.

So my simple restart had to wait for no less than 25 bloody updates to be installed which has taken about an hour and I’m too tired and fed up to write what I was going to write so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!

Sorry readers, and “Thanks” (NOT!) to Microsoft!



2 Responses to “Alfie: Sometimes I really HATE Microsoft!”

  1. Alfie April 16, 2011 at 11:08 am #

    Feeling better this morning!

    Not sure I completely agree about anti-virus (AV) – you wouldn’t consider (well, you might but I wouldn’t) a house you were planning to buy to be “unfit for purpose” because it didn’t have a burglar alarm fitted. You would instead wait, take advice, etc. after you moved in to see if it was necessary.

    Likewise AV.

    Now I don’t believe in paying for anything I don’t have to (it’s called being tight as a Duck’s ermmm bottom) so I use something called AVG version 9 Free Edition which, with its predecessors, has kept me virus free for about 10 years now. It can be downloaded but you have to make sure you get the “Free edition” not the “30 day free trial”. The latter is (surprise, surprise) much easier to find and if you aren’t sure I’ll happily mail you the install file for the right one.

    Believe me it’s better to have one than to find out the hard way that you SHOULD have had one!

    IT sermon over.


  2. Vincent April 16, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    Three things – one: I only use FREE progs – including anti-virus. It’s a pain updating, but so far so good…

    Two: You should hear what I’VE said about Bill Gates, his personal hygene, where I’d like to stick…

    And three: are you SURE you want me to get rid of your current header, Cy? It’s actually rather good.

    Okay, listen – I’ll do you a new one as requested – but KEEP the current one in your header files. Then you can always re-use it sometime. That cloud is COOL.

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