Radio Free Plymouth 1960's pix released.

23 Apr

As Radio Caroline continues her 47th birthday over 531 khz live (on an RSL, restricted service licence) from the Ross Revenge in Tilbury Docks, a school pal of Jay feels it is safe to release these 1969 shots of the associates of “Radio London” from Whitleigh in Plymouth, which evolved into Radio Free Plymouth.

Jay at an exaggerated mock-up studio for the benefit of a Westward TV News crew reporting on Radio Free Plymouth, in late 1968. Note the FIGHT FOR FREE RADIO poster from the Free Radio Association. “Radio London” shows went out live and the crew was raided. RFP shows had to be taped for broadcast from safe houses. Over to Jay for the next two captions:

Three people involved in the station at a private Christmas party in Saltash, Cornwall in 1965 or 1966, the guy who’s face can’t be seen was not involved with the station. -Jay

Two of the guys involved with the station and a third friend. This was 1964 when the trio recorded some Jingle ideas for Radio Caroline and submitted a tape to their office at 6 Chesterfield Gardens in Mayfair London. About six weeks later some of these Jingles were used on air by the Caroline organisation without any redress to the guys who had created them. Caroline had them re-recorded in a pro studio and effectivly stole them at that time. The creators were not concerned about this, just happy to hear their ideas on the air. It was very much an age of innocence during those years. -Jay

…will get you a fuller story.

See also the link Caroline in Radio links on the Sidebar.

And go to:

for Vincent on Chris Cary (great name) aka Spangles Muldoon (amusing name).

2 Responses to “Radio Free Plymouth 1960's pix released.”

  1. Cy Quick April 23, 2011 at 7:07 pm #

    As the mid-1960s era of sea-based free radio stations (pejoratively and unjustly tagged ‘pirates’) progressed, and higher RF power was used, we in the far West could only pick up Caroline South and Big-L (and, in its time, Swinging Radio England, my fave) and then only in the hours of darkness. Newquay, north Cornwall, could pick up Caroline North day and night I am told.

    • Alfie April 25, 2011 at 11:04 am #

      To my shame I tend to forget how “deprived” the rest of the country was with regard to the 1960s marine broadcasting pioneers! Oh dammit, keep calling ’em “PIRATES” – it sounds so much more FUN!

      Living within 30 miles (as the crow flies) of the Essex coast throughout the time it was all happening it never even occurred to me that there were bits of the UK as far from the North Sea as we were from Luxembourg.

      Apologies for that lack of consideration although I can say in mitigation that I would never have been able to hear Radio Free Plymouth”!


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