Africans live off the map. Kids live off pennies.

25 Apr


Here in Kasoa, Ghana, we’re about the same distance from the capital, Accra, as Plymouth is from Exeter. Driving around Accra is like driving around Central London, in terms of People and Traffic.

In Kasoa, you’re Off-the-Map. You’re out of the 21st century, or you would be, were it not for the Mobile Phone. Should you dump your cell phone, it would be possible to totally detach yourself from modern life, and become invisible to family and friends.

You have the power here to turn the clock back 60 years at a stroke. Tempting to some; you could never be found again unless you wished it.

This is the real Ghana, the Ghana the government would prefer the world did not see.

Children who should be in the classroom run between the cars on the roads at points of congestion trying to sell small items that people may need, in order to earn enough to eat, 12 to 16 hours a day in the African sun, 7 days a week. You carry your wares on your head.

The women often carry babies on their backs while doing this work. Men, women and children here are strong, The British are soft by comparison. It’s all about the daily need to eat and survive.

Ghana is one of Africa’s most advanced countries. Things are not set to change anytime soon. In Kasoa, they will remain Off-the-Map. -Jay


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