Alfie: Sweating but unfettered!

25 Apr

I find myself, this Easter Monday morning, with nothing much else to do but write – so here goes…..

For the first time in many days I have found myself involved in neither “user migrations”, visits to my old Mum, day trips to the seaside or gardening!

“User migrations?” I hear you ask.

That’s the contract work I’m doing at the moment – shifting the documents, emails, naughty pictures etc.  of the computer users from old PCs to bright, shiny new Windows 7 computers within a rather large and countrywide  company network. Regrettably, no travelling (with its attendant expenses) is required and we do it all from a small office in Huntingdon.  It is very high pressure stuff given that there are 25 engineers on the sites, unpacking the new machines and taking away the old and only 4 of us doing the important bit that enables them actually to use them.

And as I had to explain to someone last week “user migration” does NOT involve rows of computer users sitting on sagging telephone or power lines waiting for the signal to fly south!

A typical visit to my mother I have described fairly recently on this site so I’m not going to do it again – go look it up!

Yesterday (Sunday), in anticipation of another scorching hot day, my wife, younger daughter and I went to Cromer on the North Norfolk coast where we met up with Faith’s sister. It was absolutely bloody freezing and I had left my jacket at home!

A chilly breeze wafted copious amounts of what everyone else called “sea mist” but which I called FOG on account of mere sea mist does not cause the pier to vanish from view (I hesitate to say “disa-pier”) from a distance of only about 200 yards along the promenade!

And all we did was walk about and go in tacky gift shops! Now those who know me well will also know that I am aware of only ONE good reason for visiting the coast and I was expressly forbidden from taking my fishing tackle! So I was quite happy to get back to the warmer inland areas to get warm and rest my sore feet.

Today my wife decided to go to B&Q to get some wallpaper for her mother. My comment of “sounds like a good swap to me” was not well received and I was not invited to accompany them!

It was, however, suggested that I use my devastating wit to find a way of removing a couple of large, spiky, well-rooted (but dead) shrubs from the front garden and I think she thought it would take me all morning.

Not so!  

Remembering a certain amount of Physics “O” Level stuff about fulcrums, leverage and the application of “fawce” (as our Physics teacher would say it) I had them both out in about 30 minutes. While I am extremely hot, am sweating horribly and have a lot of scratches on my arms which are stinging quite a bit as I write this, the rest of the morning is my own.

I observed while washing dirt off said scratches that I don’t need to apply “Germolene” or similar to them any more as we are now using liquid “anti-bacterial” soap in the washbasin in the downstairs loo. It caused me to ponder what we must have been using before – “pro-bacterial soap”; “bacteria-indifferent soap”? I thought that the bacteria destroying thing was one of the main reasons for soap being invented in the first place! How wrong I must have been all these years!

Isn’t it wonderful how the pseudo-scientists of the marketing industry can still surprise us?



One Response to “Alfie: Sweating but unfettered!”

  1. Alfie April 25, 2011 at 7:26 pm #

    The Migration tool gizmo to which you refer (called “Windows easy transfer” in Vista) DOES work but that isn’t how we’ve been doing it. Our way involves shifting the relevant My Docs folders from one of about 7 “old” servers to the 1 big, fast, shiny new one. Similarly the email mailboxes are detached from their old Windows XP accounts and then shifted to a new mail server before being reattached to their new Windows 7 IDs.

    Ahem! Simple really!


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