Vincent on – Too Much Information!

25 Apr

Like my friend, Cy, I too am getting SERIOUSLY teed off with TV companies’ paranoia. Apparently shit scared you might “turn over” during movie credits – they squash them to one side, while berating you about their upcoming attractions.

But here in The Orient, it’s WORSE. In addition to the afore-mentioned, screens are LITTERED with DOGs (Digitally Originated Graphics) – while the programmes are RUNNING!

The only time I want INFORMATION while I’m watching something – is if WORLD WAR THREE has been declared.

But no. They insist upon telling me THROUGHOUT the programme, via these DOGs, what I’m WATCHING – what’s coming up NEXT – and their primo programmes during the rest of the MONTH.

F#%K OFF! I KNOW what I’m watching – I KNOW what’s on next – and I’ll check my listings magazine to extract the goodies from the rest of the month, when I get around to it.

And in Korea, it’s even WORSE – particularly during their inane “comedy” shows. The screen is continually PLASTERED with print – telling you what’s happening. If they left it off – you could F#%KING SEE what was happening!!!

Is this the way TV is heading? Taking “dumbing down” to the Nth degree? No wonder people are turning to the Interweb for entertainment…

One Response to “Vincent on – Too Much Information!”

  1. Vincent April 25, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    Absolutely! His channels are the WORST for this.

    I notice, from the disks my lad sends me from The Old Country, that so far the BBC has not QUITE succumbed to this blight.

    But even Auntie cannot resist impinging on the credit sequence – on one programme, to tell its viewers that if they contribute to the programme – that they may get ON its credits!

    I wonder how long it’ll be before someone notes that said credits are SQUEEZED – while said announcement is being MADE!

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