Hitler dead by 1928 OK. After 1933 too late. So…

2 May

How do we react to the killing, by our American cousins, of a certain enemy leader? An example from History helps:

If a secret British strike force had assassinated Adolf Hitler in 1928, when it became clear what he was, it would have worked. But once the hate-filled psychopathic leader had transformed Deutschesland into a mega-machine of evil, it was too late.

At the hour of final defeat, having achieved a count of over 50 million people murdered of killed in battle, Hitler directed that his body be burned. It was done.

Now that a certain enemy leader is reported to have been killed, a few hours ago, it is, of course, far too late to prevent the war. That could have happened in the time of William Jefferson Clinton.

The Americans HAD that certain enemy leader in their hands and let him GO. This politically correct weakness allowed the enemy leader to organise.

Yehoshua was posthumously misrepresented by his supporters as the meschiach. Once their perverse salvation package deal was made the establishment religion, his ministry of anti-establishment teaching and healing was also ignored.

“If a man shall smack you on the cheek, turn the other cheek to him also…”

This “shame the bully” is extreme pacifism and it only works in your very small community of family and friends.

The Americans, being a religious people, are reported to have respected the religious protocols of the enemy. Without delay, a religious ritual, including a laying-to-rest at sea, is reported to have taken place.

If this report is true, great joy is brought to the hearts of conspiracy theorist morons. No body… so there will be no silencing of their fatuous nonsense.  

The news is also useful to the great mass of our enemies themselves. These are the vast army whom the leader organised years ago, and who are driven by hate…

One voice crying in the wilderness was Enoch Powel. He said nothing but trouble will result from importing people of a certain faith into countries of an extremely opposed culture. It has come to pass.

The Wikileaks man, Julian Asange is another voice crying in the wilderness, pointing out the perversity of establishment news media. They always support foolish wars at the start, getting the population hotted up, and act all innocent as disaster befalls us.

Now we have the interweb and news is fast moving into the hands of the people. Will it work towards achieving peace and progress, without weakness?

Will fools of the loony Left, of the Rabid Right, and of fanatical faith, be shown up for the dysfunctional dunces that they are?

Will the wise prevail? Will facts and Reason prevail?

Will the Victorian cause to eliminate superstition be taken up again?

At present (since about 1960) the perverse and out-of-control Western entertainments media promote belief in magic and the paranormal. Novels, movies and TV are full of seductive untruth which is destructive to sanity and order.

The vile media perverts show-case uninhibted violence as normal in everyday life. They exploit baser appetites for profit regardless of social effect.

Will they be countered so that religion loses its ammunition?

Or will all things continue as they were and are?

There is and will be NO meschiach.

There will be NO salvation other than what responsible science, technology, and education achieves.

We still have a long way to go.


One Response to “Hitler dead by 1928 OK. After 1933 too late. So…”

  1. Jay Liotta May 2, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    An excellent review of current world order or disorder. With regard to the part played by the media, it should be remembered that it has proved impossible to strike a responsible balance between the need for responsibility and creative freedom, and the need for unregulated greed by media barons such as the Murdochs who have fought to position themselves as the custodians of diversity as opposed to the old order of state monopolies.

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