Vincent on… "The Bad Guy"

4 May

My host fears certain words and names appearing in his organ, so despite the fact that THIS guy’s name must currently be appearing on MILLIONS of blogs, Cy IS my host – so I’ll respect his wishes.

This writer is overwhelmingly RELIEVED that The Bad Guy will NOT be going on trial. International trials of super-villains have hardly been a string of successes.

And American trials follow every little detail down to the Nth degree – and take YEARS to set up, MORE years to reach a conclusion, YET MORE years to stagger through “due process” (those interminable appeals) – and even then, often fail to get a conviction.

And all the while, The Bad Guy would have been CENTRE-STAGE – as a symbol for all those who were young and/or gullible enough to wish to carry on his struggle.

Thus the fact The Bad Guy appears to have been dispatched by a professional (disable the woman, then one to the body, followed by one to the head) is a blessed relief all round.

But… …the U.S. forces processed the body QUICKLY, in accordance with Certain Laws. So inevitably, the conspiracy theorists will be asking the question.

Is he in fact on that Island – where Jack The Ripper, Hitler, Glenn Miller, Elvis and Whacko Jacko reside(d)?

THAT comes down to the photos.

The U.S. government are saying the photos are too gruesome to release. Well, I for one have no wish to see a snap of The Bad Guy with the back of his head blown off – I have too many pictures like that in my brain already. And news services blanch at using them, anyway.

But it surprises me that no-one seems to have come up with the obvious solution. Invite all of the leading news reporters to view the pictures – EYES ONLY – and allow THEM to simply REPORT that they have seen them. And let the credibility of said reporters make the point.

If Anderson Cooper tells me he has seen a picture which clearly showed The Bad Guy dead – I’m happy to take his word for it. (And for the right-wing arseholes – they can let a Fox himbo or bimbo be the witness). It would be like the “jury” at a magic show.

Perhaps in a few years, someone will recover the body – and when they open it up, it’ll turn out to be Jim Morrison.

Nevertheless, assuming we are prepared to believe the bastard’s gone – what next?

Well, even the most optimistic simpleton does not believe international terrorism DIED with this excrescence. To eliminate THAT symptom, you must first cure the DISEASE. And that’s another, much longer article.

In the short term, The Bad Guy’s Organisation has been weakened. THIS time, efforts must be made to KEEP it thus.

Not just for peace of mind – but for our weakened economy.

Make no mistake – if The Bad Guy had not existed, the vast fortune spent on the U.S. military machine would still have been spent – just on a different Bad Guy. “The War is not meant to be won – it is meant to be continuous” – said George Orwell. He also noted that – “The object of power is power.”

However, The Bad Guy’s desire to cripple the Western economy had far more effect than the military cost. While Bush’s government were more than happy to step up security – to further THEIR cause of turning America into a totalitarian state – the cost has been phenomenal.

Add to that the losses incurred by the travel and leisure industries, plus miriad facets of commerce (Halliburton may have done alright – and the Recession was caused by greedy stupid men on Wall Street – but the rest of the Western World has suffered greatly) and The Bad Guy can go to his maker, a happy and content man.

But now is the time to learn from the mistakes of the past. The Bad Guy did more damage to this World than L.B. Johnson, Thatcher, Bush, Hitler and Stalin put together. Thus, the way he was OFFED must be a model for the FUTURE…


2 Responses to “Vincent on… "The Bad Guy"”

  1. Alfie May 4, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    Brilliant! And, oddly, an issue at the local council elections could be whether we get OUR bin taken out on a Bank Holiday!

  2. Vincent May 5, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    Cy: My pleasure. Alfie: Thanks – and OOOOH!

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