Blackberry Pearl saves my life in Ghana.

5 May


This small BlackBerry Pearl, that is operating only on 2G, has proved invaluable and has become my main link with the outside world. I check Sumpnado and the beeb every day and use it for all of my field reports to yourself and others on email.

I would feel totally cut off without it. In fact, when I could not charge it one day owing to a power cut it reminded me of a trip to Tunis in the 70’s when I did feel totally cut off from the rest of the world.

Strange, but the locals did not! And this was at a time when the only form of personal communication was a fixed telephone line to the house.

Could we walk away from all this and give up Cell Phones and the Internet? I think for most it would prove impossible, but I am old enough to remember the peace and stress-free existence of the 60’s and 70’s when, by todays standards, almost nothing was expected from us. Laf!

Jay, in Ghana.


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